Taylor Raynor

Taylor Raynor is a Florida-based songwriter, musician and performer. Borrowing from folk, indie and pop music, Raynor has found a unique style of his own.

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Taylor Raynor is a Tampa based singer-songwriter. With 3 albums and plenty of touring under his belt he has become a staple of the Florida music scene. A typical performance consists of his honest and raw vocals, dynamic guitar work, sweeping violin, and sometimes mandolin and electric guitar. As a multi-instrumentalist, Raynor has played with a variety of bands from folk and country to pop, indie and even post-rock.

Raynor has noted his influences as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Alabama Shakes.

Raynor’s most recent album, “It Could Rain”, is a demo-style LP consisting of a collection of sad, but beautifully written songs and a couple of well-arranged instrumentals.

“I’d like to make you feel as I have felt before. Through a song and a story and a dream.”